The Lair of the Hobo King

Check your half-eaten sandwiches at the gate

The Once and Future Hobo King
Hi. How are you? I'm so sorry to hear that. Well, maybe you should stop playing with it. I know it's hard. Mind over matter my friend. Mind over matter.

I work. I also fain work. I love film. I have a scary amount of trivia about TV & movies stored in my childlike brain. I'm hoping to be a film major again at a real school, or better yet direct a film thats more than 10 minutes long. I've shot on 8mm & 16mm film as well as digital video (not that anyone with a digital camera hasn't done the same, but I've used a XL-1). I've edited on MCXpress & AVIDs as well as edited film. My 10 year career plan is to become a cult leader.