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Just a reminder

Check out my website, damnitbohler.  I just added the first Adventures of Aquaman story.

A reminder

Don't forget to check out my new blogsite at:


I've got several new posts up since I last time I was here.

Moving sale!

Except I'm not selling anything. This is just letting you know that my blogging now has a new address:


check it out.  You'd be an idiot not to.

This woman will always have my number...

Wow. I would quite likely faint if I ever actually met her.
I should remain alone and childless just to insure that there one less family in the world.

Bad news, dues, and shit on my shoes.

*deep breathe and....*
It's been a while and this will be all over the place.

I'm graduating next May. The current plan is to move to Los Angeles and find work as a PA. I've got a couple of VERY generous friends willing to help out however they can, and I can't thank them enough (and I've tried). Here's the rub...

That will cost MONEY. Serious money (rent, a new car, student loans, etc.). Money I don't have now. Over the next month, I'll be taking stock of what I have and what I need. This means selling a lot of my various collections (which I am okay with for the most part). This also means that I won't be able to make the trip I wanted to Knoxville and Atlanta in late July early August. Dragon*Con will be my last gasp of honest carefreeness. I can't say how much I hate not having enough to visit my friends in both cities. After multiple auctions, trips, and general phone chattiness, I really feel terrible about not getting to see everyone in a non-con environment one more time. I just have too much on my plate including what will no doubt be very expensive dental work.

I am keeping in mind that my life is not my own, but rather, it belongs to the me in five years.

In other news... I have decided to drop Sabertooth from my costume list for Dragon*Con. I know at least one person actually doing it and another considering the costume (I can only imagine all those I don't know working on it), and I believe that both will do a better job than me. I wasn't that crazy about the movie and it will free up more money for the Bill Pardy costume that will be my focus. Depending on finances, I may end up doing an Ash costume or possibly a Dharma dude to replace Sabertooth, but I doubt I will as I need to drop another 90ish bucks to get my return flight for D*C fixed and I want a decent booze fund for the con. I've mentioned it to some of you, but this will likely be my last D*C for a while. With the uncertainty of next year, I feel it prudent to not promise something to myself and others I can't deliver.

I'll explain as soon as possible

But this weekend was important beyond belief. In a SUPER good way.

Sabertooth facial hair test.

You see what I'm going for. The final version will be thicker, obviously, and maybe darker.

The question I have is this: Does this look like something I can pull off?

I'm hoping to have this ready for Dragon*Con. I will warn everyone who might actually care, if I hate the movie I will not be doing this. Liev Schreiber is one of my favorite actors so I'd like to do it, but if I decide not to, it's not gonna kill me because there will be a TON of Sabertooths (Saberteeth?) at D*C.

So let me know what you think...


Astronauts or Cavemen?